Manuel is fifth generation Patagonian and a professional mountain guide, with over ten years of experience leading tours in this region. He has a degree in tourism, a love of geology, and a passion for his home of Patagonia. Ask him about the rich history of the Region of Magallanes,  mountaineering, geology... or just about anything else! His encyclopedic knowledge of Chilean Patagonia will leave your thirst for knowledge well sated.


Jamie is a documentary filmmaker, science communicator, and event coordinator from Alberta, Canada. She has two years of experience guiding, and a double major in Biology and History to fill her head with interesting facts. Jamie is passionate about animals, ecology, the environment, and local folklore. Be sure to ask her about the amazing fauna, the unique ecology, and the spooky stories found in this region.


Chef Cristian Sierpe is a lifelong Patagonian and a graduate of the culinary arts program at the INACAP technical university of Chile. His specialties are in traditional Chilean and French cuisine. Cristian loves innovating recipes to make them more delicious and finding new ways to make his native food culture accessible to people who are vegan, gluten-free, or who have other dietary restrictions.