What things Cost in Punta Arenas

When you convert your money into Chilean pesos, you might feel like a millionaire, but the reality is that thanks to inflation, a single Chilean peso is worth almost nothing. In fact, the lowest domination of coin in Chile is 10 pesos.

The cost of living in Patagonia is fairly high, and so, to make sure you come here with enough pesos to get through your trip, here are the prices for some common items:

750ml bottle of Water- 750 CLP

750 ml Bottle of Coca Cola- 1000 CLP

Cappuccino – 2500 CLP

Average meal at a restaurant- 12000 CLP to 15000 CLP

Steak dinner- 20000CLP

Highball- 4000 CLP

Loaf of Bread- 1200 CLP

12 eggs- 1200 CLP

Microbus- 200 CLP

Colectivo (Public transportation)- 500 CLP

Have questions about the cost of anything else before you come here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll scout it out for you before you come here!

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