Useful Phrases

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Patagonian is a very specific dialect of Spanish. Here are some phrases you might encounter, and some you might need to use, to get by in Southern Chile.

1. Simple Greetings

Hello (Formal)

Hola, Buenos dias (Good Morning)

Hola, buenos tardes (Good Afternoon)

Hola, buenos noches (Good Evening)

Hello (Informal)

Hola, buenas!

How are you? (Formal)

Como esta?

How are you? (Informal- acquaintances)

Como estas?

Como andas?

Que tal?

I'm well, thankyou.

Estoy bien, gracias.




2. Buying Things

How much does this cost?

Cuanto sale esto?

It costs 10,000 pesos.

Sale diez mille pesos/ Sale diez lucas*

Como cancela?

How will you be paying?

I'm paying (When you pass money to your taxi or colectivo driver)

Se cancela/ se paga

With cash/ credit/debit

Con efectivo/ tarjeta de credito/ tarjeta de debito.

3. Locating things

How do I get to the plaza?

Como llego a la plaza?

Go four blocks that way.

Anda cuatro cuadras por alla (pa'alla)

Go to the end of the street and turn right

Sigue esa calle al fondo y dobla a la derecha

Go left at the corner and it's one block away

Dobla a la izquierda en la esquina y esta una cuadra mas alla. (Toh-mah oon iz-key-air-da a la es-key-na ee esta oon qua-dra mass aya)

Do you go to the mall (Colectivos and Buses)

Vas para el mall? (V-as para el mall)

4. At a restaurant

Could you bring me the menu please?

Me puedes traier la carta, por favor?

I would like to order...

Me gustaria pedir...

I am allergic to...

Tengo un alergia al... (teng-go oon al-air-hia al)

Wheat- Trigo (Tree-go)

Gluten- Gluten (Glooten)

Shellfish- Mariscos (Mar-ee-scos)

Dairy- lecheria (Lay-che-reeah)

Nuts- Noises (Nu-wes-es)

Barley- Cebada (Ce-ba-da)

Can I have the sauce on the side?

Podria tener la salsa al lado?

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