What to Pack for Patagonia

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

With its unpredictable winds and myriad of microclimates, packing for a Patagonian adventure can be tough. Here are our recommendations for what to put in your pack before you hit the airport.

1) A Day Pack

During your holiday in Patagonia, the last thing you want is to haul a big bag around everywhere you go. However, leaving the house with nothing but your keys and your phone isn’t ideal either. With the changing weather and long day excursions, it’s best to bring a comfortable, lightweight backpack to keep your extra clothes, snacks and water bottle with you at all times!

2) Hiking boots

Patagonia is full of beautiful hikes** and walks, but the paths are not always well groomed and are rarely paved. Bring your favourite hiking boots to keep your feet and ankles safe- and make sure to wear them in before you get here to avoid blisters!


Though the summertime average temperature sits at around 15 degrees, it can get cold here at any time of year, and the weather is always changing. Come prepared for any weather with a windbreaker, a raincoat, and a warm coat- preferably something lightweight, like down or Primaloft- to keep in your backpack just in case.

4) Comfortable pants

The summer temperature isn’t all that cold- but it isn’t that warm either. In lieu of a suitcase full of shorts and bikinis, pack a pair of lightweight, comfortable pants for daily use.

5) A Pullover or Zip-up

Sensing a theme? Come prepared for any weather! A polar fleece, a kangaroo jumper, a softshell zip- some kind of warm shirt is essential here. Layers are the ticket to comfort in Patagonia, so bring something comfortable and cozy to take on and off as the day waxes and wanes and the temperature changes.

6) A Buff

This tubular, seamless head and neck gear is an absolute Patagonian essential. With winds that can reach up to 180km/h, you need something to keep the air out of your earholes. Buffs are the perfect, lightweight, versatile answer. Bring one for you head, one for your neck, and keep them with you at all times. Trust us, you will be glad to have them.

7) Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Here at the Southern tip of the world, the Ozone layer is at its thinnest, and the UV rays aren’t just strong, they are downright dangerous. Bring a high SPF sunscreen, SPF lipbalm, and some UVA/UVB blocking sun glasses to protect your skin and eyes from the punishing rays of the southern sunshine.

8) A First Aid Kit

It’s always important to travel with emergency supplies, but here in Chile, perhaps moreso. Things such as over-the-counter antibiotic ointments and eyedrops are expensive, hard to come by, and often require a prescription. Travel prepared with these, along with your bandaids and moleskins, just in case.

9) A Reusable water bottle

Currently, there are no recycling plants in Patagonia. Come prepared to stay hydrated without creating extra garbage by bringing a water bottle of your own.

10) A Camera!

The best part of Patagonia is its unique beauty. Keep your camera close at all times, to capture the colours and majesty of the Patagonian summer. Keep some batteries on hand, too- you’re going to be snapping away like crazy, we promise!

REMEMBER: Patagonia is extremely vulnerable to introduced species from other temperate zones. Make sure to clean your shoes, backpacks, and equipment before you come here to prevent any unwanted hitchhikers wreaking havoc in this pristine environment.

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