Patagonia is more than just a pretty picture on Instagram. It is the land and the water, the history and culture, and the stories and flavours of its people. Utilizing a full sensory approach, our tours give clients the complete experience of what Patagonia is- to touch, smell, see, hear, taste, and feel the rhythms of this magical place

Experience Focussed

We know you're probably only going to make it to Patagonia once time, and we want to ensure that your experience here is unforgettably positive. That's why we offer small groups, highly educated, guides, and cater to your dietary and mobility needs. We always go the extra mile to personalize our tours to make you smile.


Keeping Patagonia pristine and healthy is important to us. To do that, we do things like buying local, cutting out single-use plastics, limiting our car usage, and more. We also host local beach clean-ups and other opportunities for you to make a positive contribution to the stewardship of the environment of Patagonia.

What We Do

We are dedicated to creating authentic, engaging experiences that allow you to experience all the magic that this place holds for you. That's why all of our tours are...